U.S. Small Business Institute

 Volunteers serving small businesses and charitable foundations...since 1985!        

MO Governor and VIP's Salute SBI Team

   Missouri Governor Bob Holden and other state-wide and St. Louis local officials salute the U.S. Small Business Institute, also known as SBI. 

  SBI was launched in 1985 by a core group of small business owners who donate their time as SBI 'Business Advisors' to help SBI 'Clients' who operate small businesses or charitable foundations and need consulting, coaching and mentoring, but simply can't afford it due to the financial challenges they are currently facing. The St. Louis Region now encompasses the City of St. Louis and its 15 surrounding counties in Missouri and Illinois and is the 15th. largest economic engine in the U.S. with over 2.8M residents, 193K businesses and over 1K charitable foundations...and all need help! 


Photo in 2002: (F/C/B)

Front L/R - Frank Meyer, Cicardi Bruce, Rich Pisani, Missouri 

Governor Bob Holden, St. Louis County Executive 'Buzz' 

Westfall, St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay,Saint Louis 

Ambassadors President Frank Ferrara and Arthur Cline. 

Center L/R - Lisa Range, Stuart Lindley, Sam Solomon, Susan 

Wilson, Jim Olsen, Eunisha Hart, Maurie Spears, Dr. Jim 

Logan, Carol Ann Miller, Ken Dobbins President of Southeast 

Missouri State University.

Rear L/R - Kenneth Dolbin, Stacey Hovis, Karen Schultz, Margaret 

Rambo, Bob Bess, Lenny Vines, Keith Savage and Mark Kasen.

Governor Bill Clinton Congratulates SBI

   Governor Bill Clinton, a 1992 U.S. Presidential candidate, is welcomed to St. Louis by Rich Pisani and introduced the Governor to the over one thousand attendees at the national NCBL event. 

   Rich spent 22 months on the campaign trail running for MO Lt. Governor to secure a state-wide microphone for a platform that he and his campaign manager, Cicardi A. Bruce, wanted publicized in order to garner state-wide political support for small business, jobs, tourism and a new source of economic development for Missouri. The idea was to host a Class 1 World's Fair & Olympics jointly in St. Louis and Kansas City in 2004 and connect the two sister cities with a high-speed rail system in order to transport coaches, athletes and attendees.

Photo in 1991: (L/R)

NCBL President Marie Davis, U.S Presidential candidate in 1992
Governor Bill Clinton and SBI President and MO Lt. Governor 
Candidate in 1992 Richard T. Pisani.  

Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca Commends SBI!

  Lee Iacocca, Chrysler's Chairman from 1979 to 1992, wishes Rich Pisani "good luck" in 1991 on his bid for Lt. Governor in Missouri in 1992 and supports the efforts of the Small Business Institute in St. Louis where Chrysler had a large manufacturing facility.

  Mr. Iacocca  is an American business man known for leading the engineering on the popular Ford Mustang and saving Chrysler. He
was their Chairman from 1979 to 1992 and authored several books, including Iacocca: An Autobiography and Where Have All the Leaders Gone?Portfolio named Iacocca the 18th-greatest American CEO of all time.

Photo in 1991: (L/R)

Lee Iacocca (L), Chairman of the Board of Chrysler, with Rich 
Pisani (R), SBI President and candidate for MO Lt. Governor 
in 1992. 
Rich Pisani executes the name change of the group from the St. Louis 'Small Business Coalition' (SBC) in May of 1987 to the U.S. 'Small Business Institute' (SBI) during  'Small Business Week' sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA) in Washington, DC.

SBI's Honorary Chairman, Congressman Jack Buechner, had won his race in Missouri and was now able to be an advocate for small businesses in the St. Louis Metro Area, the Great State of Missouri and in the United States Congress, which is why we updated our namesake.

Photo: (L/R) May of 1987 with SBA official Mr. William Jennings

SBA's 'Small Business Council' Chairwoman, Ms. Denise Albright,
SBI President Rich Pisani, National Federation of Independent
Business (NFIB) leader Mr. William Armstrong, SBI V.P. Susan
Wilson and the SBA Deputy Director Mr. William Jennings.