U.S. Small Business Institute

 Volunteers serving small businesses and charitable foundations...since 1985!        



   SBI offers these special services outlined below that are designed to help your small business needs

   We operate what is called our 'Small Business Council', which is a group of hand-selected professionals who are experts in their field. They are all professional business consultants, coaches and mentors and provide 13 basic services. Plus, we have the ability to garner support from 'specialists' when necessary to provide assistance to those who need specific help. 

    To volunteer your time in an area outlined below call Rich Pisani at 314-952-2640.

    SBI has a 'Small Business Council' made up of experts .

  1.   Business Consulting: our team will answer your questions to help you grow your company.

  2.   Business Coaching: our team will question your answers to help you enhance your firm.

  3.   Business Mentoring: our team will answer your questions and question your answers to help you succeed.

  4.   Focus Group meeting: our team will host an initial three hour meeting to review your business concept, model and plan and get you honest feedback from a 'peer group advisory board'. plus help you launch good ideas you receive from your peers in the 'Case Study' portion of our program (see #5 below).

  5.   Case Study reviews: within 30 days after the 'Focus Group' meeting (in item #4 above) you will have a private coaching session with your teams Group Facilitator to review the suggestions, ideas and advice that you received from your 'peer group advisory board' meeting members. In other words your peers give ideas and your facilitator helps you implement them.

  6.   Short-Term Action Plan: our team will help you create a develop '90 Day Action Plan' to help you solve the most immediate business issues, concerns and challenges.

  7.   Long-Term Business Plan: our team will help you create and develop a '5 Year Business Plan' to improve the overall health and financial security of your business.

  8.   Sales Training: our team offers the 'Professional Selling Techniques', which has been taught by our SBI President, Rich Pisani, since 1973 when he was the Branch Sales Training Manager for Xerox Corporation in St. Louis.

  9.   Business Training: our team offers courses in 'Entrepreneurial Studies', which includes appraising and marketing a privately held business, business planning, buying/selling an independent business, franchising your business model, and advertising and public relations. These courses are taught by our SBI President, Rich Pisani, since he taught in the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies for 22 years at both St. Louis University and the St. Louis Community College system. 

  10. Customer Opinion Survey: our team will find out what your customers really think of your firms product/service, your pricing, your employees, product/service, reliability, etc. by developing a confidential survey so you can get honest feedback from clients who use and pay for your product or service...a real 'eye opener'.

  11. Employee Attitude Surveys: our team will find out what your employees really think of you, your management team, your product/service, your compensation package, quality, pricing, etc. by developing a confidential survey so you can get honest feedback from your employees...another real 'eye opener'.

  12. Competitive Review: our team will find out what your direct competitors are doing in your specific geographic market place, with your existing customer base, prospecting for new clients, etc...one more real 'eye opener'.

13.  Media Relations: our team works with the 44 radio, television and newspapers in the St. Louis Region. We also support the Lindenwood University HD TV mass communications studies program and have the ability - if you qualify - to get you an interview with their LUTV HD Station Manager to see if you have a news-worthy story for a 30 minute interview on the 'Business Roundtable with Jim Jump'. This show is viewed by over 100K viewers on Charter Cable and U-verse, plus is posted to YouTube for 24/7 viewing. This can be posted as a link to your website for non-stop marketing of your product or service.

       NOTEIf your firm needs support in a 'specialty area' like patenting and marketing a 'new invention' or starting a 'new charity' just keep in mind that we have contacts that can help. So, just let us know and we will find a source for you.


SBI is here to help!

  SBI is here to help you as a small business owner or top-tier manager in any way possible. If our members are unable to answer your questions, provide the proper support or fulfill your needs we will help you locate another local, state-wide, regional or national business support group that has the ability to help you and your company. So, if we can't help solve your business issue, concern or challenge we will help you find the right organization that can. Please feel free to contact us directly for personal assistance or visit one of the organizations listed below that are dedicated to supporting economic growth and development for small businesses nationwide
and in your local municipality.

  Check below for 'Small Business Support Groups', 'Peer Group Advisory Boards' and 'Business Coaching Firms' that are either non-profit institutions or for-profit businesses that offer support to small business at no charge or a nominal fee to support this sector of our economy, which employs 55% of our workforce.

SBI Small Business Support Groups:

(alphabetical order)

  • Diversity 2000 - Information center for minority and women owned businesses and Fortune 1000 Companies.

  • Levy Economics Institute of Bard College - Bard College's nonpartisan, independently funded research organization devoted to public service vis a vis economics. Scholarship and economic forecasting yield useful ideas, directions and information for small businesses.

  • Medium Business Alliance - Alliance formed to provide medium businesses and the people who work for them with the information, education,    resources, and networking.

  • National Business Incubation Association - Business incubators help emerging growth companies survive and grow during the start-up period when they are most vulnerable. With approximately 800 members worldwide, NBIA is the largest membership organization of its kind. Membership fee.

  • National Congress of Inventor Organizations - Resource for inventors and entrepreneurs. Inventor Online magazine, free consultations, patent search online, links to patent office and other government resources, free how-to information on how to keep proper records, important warning information about invention scams.

  • SCORE Association - A nonprofit association dedicated to encouraging the formation, growth, and success of small business nationwide through counseling and mentor programs.

  • SBA SCORE - The Small Business Administrations program that assist small business owners with counseling from their Service Core of Retired Executives to support  emerging business and boost employment opportunities.

  • The Small Business School - Over 100,000 small business have registered on this site; all specific information remains confidential but the indexed results by industry are public.

  • UK Business Incubation (UKBI) - The UK Business Incubation (UKBI) web site contains details of all UK incubation projects, sources of finance for incubators, best practice guidelines, news and events, and is generally a forum for the exchange of information to help potential and existing UK incubators, and small businesses generally.

  • United States Chamber of Commerce - A business federation representing companies, business associations, state and local chambers in the U.S., and American Chambers of Commerce abroad. Daily news updates, the issues, and chamber webcasts.

  • Young Americas Business Trust - Site for young entrepreneurs, purpose of the Trust is to develop business skills in young people in the Americas.

Business Coaching Companies
(alphabetical order)

    Contact any one of these businesses below (in alphabetical order) and find out how they can help you with the overall health of your small business as an owner or upper-level manager. Some of them let you try their peer group advisory board program for 90 days...at no charge.

AMG - American Marketing Group, Inc.: 'Consulting - Coaching - Mentoring...since 1978!' AMG offers four premiere business services, including Business Coaching, Business Brokerage, Franchise Consulting and Business Training'. Our AMG 'Business Advisory Board' service is a program that allows business owners or upper-level managers meet with their respective peers on a regular basis in a peer group advisory board meeting for 4 hours, plus a 2 hours private business coaching session with their AMG Group Facilitator. You will become a better leader, manager and problem solver, which will improve the overall health and financial stability of your company. A 90 trial period is available if you qualify.

ASP - Aspire Business: Business Growth doesn’t happen by accident You can grow…with confidence and Aspire’s new Business Growth Program will help you get there.

CAB - Customer Advisory Boards: We specialize in customer advisory board (CAB) programs and partner advisory board (PAB) programs for B2B companies.

  • CEN - Chief Executive Network: We are a member organization that helps chief executives improve their effectiveness and gain competitive advantage.

  • CEO - CEO Focus Franchise: We are a peer consulting group of company presidents and CEOs and we work on business issues confronting our members and meet once per month. Groups consist of 8-14 members from various industries and backgrounds.

  • EO - Entrepreneurs Organization: EO is a global non-profit whose stated mission is to "Engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow." EO was formerly known as YEO, which was known as the Young Entrepreneurs' Organization. YEO merged with the WEO, or the World Entrepreneurs Organization, in 1987 to form a partnering effort and combine resources throughout the world.

  • PAB - PRO Peer Advisory Board: You want to get up to speed fast, but you’re wary of franchises, with all their fees, royalties, and territory restrictions. Well, we can teach you how to quickly build a successful peer advisory group business, and we’re not a franchise. We can teach you everything you need to know, at the lowest possible entry cost. With no ongoing costs and no strings attached.

  • TAB - The Alternative Board: Imagine you had your own Board of Directors that provided you direct access to outside experience, objective advice and on-going peer support to assist you in making better day-to-day and long term decisions to continually move your company forward. The Alternative Board ® (TAB) makes this happen. TAB is an exclusive, membership-based organization that helps business owners achieve more - more profitability, productivity and personal fulfillment.

  • YPO - Young Presidents Organization: We are an 'education and idea exchange' and a global network of young entrepreneurs that are all under the age of 45. We don the title of President, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Managing Partner or Publisher (or equivalent). To be a member you must have at least 50 regular, full-time employees whose compensation must exceed US $2,000,000. The company must meet a certain dollar volume or enterprise value, depending on its type.

  • VIS - Vistage:  As a chief executive organization our goal is to help executives become better leaders, solve their business challenges, and get better results. Our proprietary model of peer advisory—based on a proven issue processing method—is the cornerstone of what we do.Also, we serve all kinds of business people, from individual business owners to internal teams, from small start-ups to corporate giants.