U.S. Small Business Institute

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Small Business Week Highlights

A Summary in Pictures

SBI Officers

                               Cicardi A. Bruce                                                                    Richard T. Pisani
                                            Chairman                                                                                                      President

SBI Chairman and Co-Chairman Emeritus
                             Hon. Jack Buechner                                                             Mr. Robert Andrews
                                       Congressman (ret.)                                                                                   SBA Director (ret.)


Gov. Bill Clinton (C) is introduced to Rich Pisani (R) by Marie Davis (L) the President NCBL at their 17th. Annual Convention at the Adams Mark Hotel in Downtown St. Louis in 1991.

Salutes the
Small Business Institute

MO Governor Bob Holden, St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay and St. Louis County Executive 'Buzz' Westfall meet with Cicardi Bruce, Rich Pisani and their SBI team in 2002.

Commends the U.S. 

Small Business Institute

Lee Iacocca, Chairman of the New Chrysler Corporation meets with Rich Pisani in Los Angeles, CA to wish him luck on his MO Lt. Gov.  race to promote small business, jobs and tourism for Missouri.

Recognizes the U.S.

Small Business Institute

SBI 'Small Business Council'

Chairman &

Ralph Turney


SBI 'Small Business Council'